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This Ganesh Chaturthi let’s do our part towards saving the environment by bringing home an idol of Ganesh Ji made entirely of natural products – red soil, natural fertilizers, natural colors. At the time of visarjan just put the idol on a pot and pour water on to it and see how it gets back to its natural form.
We must do our bit towards the environment by not using chemicals and products causing damage to the nature. Lord  would be more than happy to see do our bit towards the environment and mother nature.
Why to go with the traditional way and harm nature mother when you can immerse the Green Ganesha Idol at your place by sprinkling water and the best part is, it can be done in one’s own backyard instead being carried to a waterbody. This exciting new format instantly touched a chord with people. It not only solves the water pollution issue but also creates a huge environmental impact for water bodies that get polluted every year.
Product Details
12 inch
Approximate weight
4.5 kg
5.5 x 7

Why GNG Agritech?

GNG Agritech and waste management is the effort of GNG Group towards sustainable agricultural tradition which means performing the traditional practices of agriculture with the applied modern science to make it viable not only financially but for the environment also.

“Contribute a bit to Nature, by booking your Green Ganesha.”

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